food waste solutions for a sustainable future


Our Process

The reinvia process creates usable products from food waste.  Through an exclusive licensing agreement, we utilize a proprietary drying technology patented by a strategic partner.  This allows us to keep food out of landfills through the creation of secondary markets for processed food waste.









To eliminate food waste from landfills.




To change unused food from being viewed as waste, to being understood as an asset.


At reinvia, we believe in three main aspects of sustainability: Planet, People, and Profit. We have made these our core values and they shape the way we do business.



First and foremost, we are aware of the current state of the environment around us.  As current human practices continue to damage the planet, we must change before it is too late. Through our process and the elimination of food waste from landfills, we will remove all emissions associated with the decomposition and transportation of this food. Through the creation of secondary markets for this food waste, there are fewer original products being made from our already strained environmental resources.  



Taking care of the people that inhabit this earth is just as important to us as the planet itself.  Access to sufficient food is a problem for far too many, and we aim to change this. Through the re-purposing of food waste as animal feed, we are able to change the way the food chain operates. No longer will food have to be grown for the sole purpose of feeding animals that will then be eaten by humans.  Instead, because these animals will be fed with processed food waste, what would have been fed to them will go straight to human consumption.  This will allow for a larger food supply and more accessible food for all.



At reinvia, we believe that environmental sustainability is paramount.  However, economic viability is nearly as important. We aim to prove the profitability of sustainability and to show aspiring entrepreneurs that not only is it possible to do both, but it is the future of business.  Social enterprise is growing, and at reinvia we are motivated to lead the charge and show the business world that being stewards for the planet and the people that call it home is changing the way we think about what can or cannot be profitable.

our team

At reinvia, we are motivated to change the way the world views unused food. With hard work and collaboration, we are determined to find different solutions and markets for our processed food waste to be re-purposed.  Through innovation, dedication, and the drive to make a lasting impact, we believe we can make food waste a thing of the past.


Keller Knoll

Co-Founder and CEO

Graduate from the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul Minnesota with a B.A. in Business-Entrepreneurship. 

Driven by a passion to create a positive impact, Keller co-founded reinvia with the idea of alleviating stress on the food chain and creating a lasting environmental legacy.  He has a passion for baseball, golf, and spending time on the lake and wants to see the activities that have grown him continue to have a lasting impact on many others in the years to come.


Derek Ogren

Co-Founder, President and COO

Graduate from the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minnesota with a B.A. in Business-Entrepreneurship.

An avid outdoorsman with a particular fondness for winter, Derek co-founded reinvia because of his passion to create a positive impact on the environment he enjoys so much.  He wants to save the landscapes that he has grown to love and wishes that future generations will have the same opportunity to appreciate them that he has.